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I know these are not the most exciting drawings.. but I like the way visual artists collect all of their thoughts and keep them. It’s positive and toxic at the same time.

What I meant to write about a couple of these pale green squares is that I was visiting my college library in the city and enjoying the big wrap around windows and their idyllic courtyard view. The city encases the whole space like mountains to a valley, bouncing light and creating an artificial sort of oasis of light and silence (which of course is a privilege in the chaos of the constant city sirens.). With the green stains of the old copper shingles of the old university buildings reflecting the skyscraper panes of light I was inclined to pull out the complementary note pad and take a memento.

Evergreen Crystal – Acrylic Sketches


Evergreen Crystal Acrylic

Candied Cluster


Candyland Cluster Christinesherry

Site Drawings in marker: Lake Ontario from western harbour


Looking East from Oakville in the summer

Rose Gold Marble Slab


Christinealexandradaysherry10 12 2021

Aural Garden Wall


Sails Over Cathedral Street


Sails of Cathedral Road

La Chien Noir


Marker Drawings: Baroque Sketches


The Lion’s Tail (2018)


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